Luggage Strap - Recognised and Accepted by the TSA

TSA Accepted Luggage StrapAccepted and Recognised by TSA, Travel Sentry Certified

This strap can be used to secure cases that have built in combination or key operated locks which should not be locked for travel within the US.

Transport Security Administration (TSA) staff in all US airports are now instructed to open straps to gain entry to luggage for security screening.  If your bag is fitted with conventional straps they will be cut open, leaving your bag vulnerable for the entire onward journey, and unsecured on arrival at your destination.

Travel Sentry Certified straps are accepted and recognised by the TSA, which means that TSA screeners can open and re-secure your bags for security screening instead of cutting the strap.  TSA screeners have tools for all TSA accepted and recognized strap that enable them to open the strap without damaging it.


3-dial resettable combination.
81 inch adjustable webbed belt.
TSA Recognised and Accepted Luggage Straps2 inches wide.
Protects luggage from accidental opening.
Keeps contents secure.
Quick release buckle.
Available in black or red (rainbow out of stock).

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